My Beloved Xiamen,

  I would like to take a short while to tell you what you mean to me!

  We first dated in 2011。 Like everybody who met you for the first time I was overwhelmed by your exotic beauty, your kindness and of cause your cooking skills! We had a great time together, dancing on beach, swimming at night and  meeting new friends。  But this are not the reasons why I wanted our relationship to be more than just a vacation flirt。  With you i felt something i never felt before。 Being a restless, searching and staggering young man, you made me feel calm。  

  At first i thought the reason for my new calmness must be the fact that i didn‘t understand a word you said and couldn’t read the signs you showed me。 But the calmness stayed after i learned more and more and so did I。 This calmness i found with you is like an inner strength, a certitude。  You gave me the calmness to meet the most wonderful woman, you gave us the calmness to start an extraordinary beer company。 But i am most grateful for the calmness you gave us the to found a family, to give birth to 3 little white egrets。 You give us the certitude that they will be safe and healthy and have the chance to grow up together with you。 You give us the believe that they one day can  spread their wings and fly out into the world, being certain that their home  is this most wonderful place called Xiamen。

  Thank you for making this live possible。 Thank you for being our home! I love you。